So long I didn’t update my blog, then the next post is about h1n1, shocking huh, lol..

h1n1 day 1 – Almost impossible to write anything. Suga-san from the hostel office took me to a clinic nearby and I was diagnosed with A type influenza but they will test further to see whether is it h1n1, and the result would be announced a day later. I slept all evening. Later I am transferred to a special room at the 1st floor, completed with shower room and toilet, ‘ quarantined’ …haha..my 3 meals per day will be prepared by my friends, mainly Yow Keong. Thanks a lot..:) Got the feeling I just sit here waiting to be fed everyday .. ;p

h1n1 day 2 – Body temperature from 38.6 to 37.2, almost normal temperature. Feel much better. Well, I still thought I was A type influenza until 10.30am, when I received a phone call telling me actually what I got is new type influenza, h1n1. Shocked. But then she told me just continue with the current medication will do, and will heal in another 4 days. And since I feel all right now, I guess I am on fast track towards recovery. Whew, today is the day I supposed to be on Mount Fuji, I guess, plan again next year.

Thanks for caring notes from friends and family. I’m fine..:)

And that night body temperature down to 36.6

h1n1 day 3 – Feeling almost the same as day 2, morning body temperature was 37.0 but I guess its ok, I ‘m sure it will go down in the evening.

Yes I was right and the temperature never went over 37.0 even once since then.

I was quarantined from 11 to 16 August and the 3 days above was the first 3 days. The second half 3 days were B.E.S.T – Bed, Eat, Sleep, TV.

I’m really relieved and thankful that the virus didn’t struck me hard, and I didn’t suffer much, plus I was under good care of Suga-san and my friends here, which made the quarantined days much easier.

Now the last day of the quarantine period, this room has became my comfort nest, and it does take some courage to think that I have to leave tomorrow for internship,lol…

And ya, last week i went to a fireworks display in Tokyo, click here to view my facebook album on this fireworks.


tokyo tower


Many countries have their own symbolic tower, or building. The towers serve the purpose in reminding people out there about the country where it’s located whenever people mention them. Each of them have their own characteristics in term of architecture, size, height, history. That’s why, we remember them well, and they reflect their country.

To name a few…CN Tower in Toronto, Canada ( tallest freestanding structure in the world 1975-2007) …..101 Tower in Taiwan ( tallest building in the world)Menara Berkembar Petronas which resemble our country…Eiffel Tower of Paris, France…..Rose Tower and Burj Al Arab, Dubai ( tallest hotels in the world), and the tower which i went yesterday….Tokyo Tower, Tokyo (tallest self-supporting steel structure in the world)…

We do recognize all the buildings or towers above, right…:)

I’m always fascinated by the height, not to mention the nice shape, and the most important, the majestic stature that they imposed. They are a part of great city view. Standing below them makes us feel small and in the same time wondering how were they built..? Extraordinary vision, extraordinary plan and design, extraordinary effort and bravery. I’m not sure how well i remember this…when they had difficulties in settling the base of Petronas Twin Tower, they even developed a new kind of lighter and stronger concrete to solve the problem instantly.

here’s the pics i took below the tokyo tower last night..



Tokyo Tower, self-taken, 20090711

I went to the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada too end of last year.



CN Tower, self-taken, 20081230

and my country very own Petronas Twin Towers..:)


Petronas Twin Towers, taken somewhere

Above are 3 superconstruction that I have been to..isnt they look great? especially the Petronas Twin Tower 🙂



*dreams mentioned below are not good night dreams

Just this morning, I saw a paper written 公務員募集 ( application form of becoming government worker)  on his table and we chatted. He’s applying for this job for real and will be taking the entrance exam this September. ‘受かったら高専やめるよ’…って ( he said he will stop college right away if he’s accepted ). He explained that he’s applying for a post in the road department of civil department, how much he wanted to stop study, how much he wanted to pursue his dream to work outside. Well, he’s got passion, although i dont think that’s a good idea to stop college after coming so far (a year before graduation) and I dont think he will pass the entrance exam with his knowledge now, and W/OUT even a diploma. That may not be the correct path, but he’s got the courage and that’s his DREAM.

There was another a group..a group with few top scorers in the class,few days back. They caught my attention with their conversation, about universities, the 1st things i heard ‘深山君来年推薦でxx大いっちゃう?。。。考え中だよ、xx大の土木そんなによくないらしい’ . ‘Miyama are you thinking of being recommended into xx Uni next year? ‘ ‘I am thinking, but i heard civil department in xx Uni is not so good ‘ …Well, I dont know much about universities in Japan yet, since some of their parents are teachers, they have a great deal of knowledge regarding universities, i just listened. For your info, the system is, we can be recommended to some universities of our choice if our result is good, or we can choose to take entrance examination of the uni itself. They continued sharing about universities, which one is hard, which one is good, which one is a no-no, etc etc. So, this is another bunch who wish to enter university. This is the newly-born inspiring DREAM in the class.

The rest? They are preparing themselves for job hunting next year. Instead of going into university after college, they choose to work. This is the realistic version of the DREAM mentioned in the 1st paragraph.*dont judge what kind of job they will get by just a piece of diploma lightly..the entire education here is not the very same as malaysian’s,especially engineering. It’s very likely they will be accepted into well-known companies with good pay, like the seniors did.

These ‘work’ and ‘going into university’ dreams are newly-born dream in my class, as we moved into the 4th year of overall 5 years of college. Of course, their usual teenagers dream still going on – motorcycles, music, cars, girls, part time jobs are still the main topics everyday. Loovee my class..lol ..

I had my dream too, on Sunday morning. I was in Paris. Louvre, Eiffel Tower seems so real, so was the city romantic dim light…it was a warm-hearted one day trip of paris..( all thanks to bao cong and bik ee who feed me with europe fantasy all the time, the dream was so real ;p). Ya, only one day, so waste,haha. The dream continued, next I became alone, cycling in somewhere I cant recognize, but the place was full of snow…snow roads, snow mountain all around, but it was a damn boring one compared to paris ..

*they were taken after i woke up from the travel dream, sunday morning ;p


something similiar to the dream..bicycle and snow


decided to go for more pics…haha..so i travelled to the other side of the globe, Toronto, Canada


and then made a stop under the niagara sky wheels…as i feel like coming here again after got a sweet taste of it last December ;p


i should be back to japan i guess…it’s summer and enjoying the breezy not-so-hot sun in Hokkaido with beautiful sceneries is not bad …


it’s only my dream after all…imagination fueled by a sunday morning dream took me everywhere in the world for  few hours =)

Dreams are inspiring, dreams are driving you on and dreams are fun..:)   <–saje-saje la

10 lately-s



1) I realised, when we got the semangat gila-gila or what we call a boost in your heart, we can achieve anything. The semangat gila-gila, comes to you sometimes, and often you need to find a way to get it……i found that out when i finished 3 seasons of ‘heroes’ in a very short time and finished a 400 pages novel in 5-6 hours lately

2) I realised,  we need to use our head more than our muscle in bowling……i don’t have much sense in bowling competition, yesterday

3) Do you know, the airbag was invented by Japanese in 1965..?……..i was in the hall where the co-inventor of the first airbag gave his speech, yesterday

4) I got my blood result ( refer to last post ), every reading is very good, optimum health condition, but my total protein level is higher than standard level ……means i get and lose my muscle equally easy huh? work up, muscle….lazy down,instant fat….right assumption?

5) I like soccer more than any other sports .

6) A simple dilemma made me think alot 2day…teacher made a miscalculation and gave u 10 marks extra for exam..honest confession or silent glory?i dont have the answer…….warning: just an example

7) Becareful in choosing your words,k?…….not only me la, its general u guys know early2 dy..

8)  put everything in numbers or statistics creates expectation…over-expectation creates tension and things cant go naturally’,i said that myself……number and statistics is supposed to make things smooth and in order right, so how true is that…

9) I write this post like this because its easy, no need to think…;p

10) oh, I went to this Oowakutani Hot Springs in Hakone last 2 weeks, and we had this black egg, that makes our life 7 years longer…lol


black outside white inside…calcium plus sulfur in the hot spring = black1 egg 7 years life, 2 eggs 14 years, 3 eggs reverse effect..haha


the members =)


free from the hussle and bussle of tokyo..

till then =)

400 ml


What if my 400 mililitres of blood save lives ?


That’s the blood donator’s card I received once I registered to be blood donor yesterday. This card contains my profile and blood profile so the next time if I were to donate my blood again I will just present this card and avoid the hassle of re-registration.

A convoy of moving clinics with ten or twenty nurses from the Chiba blood bank visited our college yesterday. As I have registered early for donation, I reported to them at around 9.30am and all of us had to fill in the registration form and survey form before going through a series of examination. As I am a foreigner here, I was asked again and again ‘ did u have this that sickness before, did u being diagnosed with this or that before, where did u live in malaysia? city or near the jungle? , did u been to jungle within these 3 years ‘ ….ish, I wanted to tell them, I would have been dead if my blood carries so much virus…well, i passed through pretty quick too, not being 100% percent honest..;p

Before taking 400ml of my blood, they decided to take 10ml of my blood for examination first..and ya as I already knew I am B. I heard that I will be sent a letter with full detail of my blood and even calories count and etc a week later. OK then I went into the bus with nurses inside..WOW the cute-voice nurse ‘stabbed’ a fat fat needle into nerve on my right arm…that’s the biggest needle that went into me ever..! I was told that my blood flow would be slower because my hand was cold…the blood circulation is slower if the hand is cold rather than warm, according to her. I have this tendency since i was small, that my palm will mostly turn cold when i enter the air-cond room. Well, and so, I sat there for about 10 minutes waiting for 400ml of blood to be drained out of body. Yes, ‘drained’, i felt the blood was flowing out as though something precious was being drained out from my body..haha…I saw a few other Japanese took only 5-6 minutes to complete. The nurse was kind and chatty, she shared a lot of information about blood donation, blood flow thingy, the difference between asian and westerners,etc..and from her i know that my overall blood volume is 4248 mililitres..that sounds healthy..;)

I got a pen, a lot biscuits and juice after that. I didnt feel a thing after losing so much blood and even did good in physical test in the evening. BUT, at that night, I began to feel fatigue on my heart. It felt like, the kind of fatigue after completing a long distance run. It felt so familiar. Someone said maybe its dilation of blood vessel that occured normally after vigorous exercise, where the heart pumps harder to deliver more oxygen to the brain ;p ..well, it connected well with my condition .. lose blood, less oxygen, heart forced to work more….so, i slept earlier.

Today i felt so sleepy all the time in school..consequences of massive blood loss, or merely a-day-before-weekend symptom..? Whatever it is, i am perfectly ok now 🙂 ..blood donation, it’s not scary as you thought, it has no side effect other than a lil tired that varies from person, you get your blood checked for free, you get hemoglobin rich new-generated  blood, you save lives and in my case, i got a ‘ nurse kitty’ hello kitty pen.;p


ya that card makes me proud abit..:)



japan, for me, is a dog loving nation. have you ever heard of the story of a dog named Hachiko? once upon a time, Hachiko was the pet dog of a professor in Tokyo. every evening, Hachiko would wait at the Shibuya train station for its master to return from university. doom strucked and the professor died of heart attack while working in the university lab, and guess what, Hachiko continued to wait at the Shibuya train station entrance every evening for his master’s return until it died few years later. the entrance is now called Hachiko entrance and there is a dog statue to celebrate the loyal dog Hachiko’s existance.

and japanese like to have pet dog too. walking or jogging with their dog in the garden every evening is a common sight. the dogs are behaving so well,  look cute and some with fancy ‘hairstyle’ and clothes.

and here i introduce the most famous dog in japan nowadays. he is the main character in all Softbank mobile ads. he is cute but arrogant. he is a fatherly figure in those ads and his name is ‘otousan’, which means ‘father’.


yeah rite, he is an arrogant thing, sitting at the top and taking the front row..


this is where he dwells..under the christmas tree in my room..he likes the place so much, plus, their colours are matching


sometimes he rises up above the christmas tree, sniffing perfume..


he likes guests too..!


and he always behaves like he needs me no more..but once he’s mine he will always be mine…u’re going nowhere otousan..

well, this is my otousan. there is a real otousan indeed, the real otousan starring in the softbank mobiles ads..wanna see? go google it out.

i don’t really what this post means ….lol..



It was the ‘Sports Festival’ (体育祭) held annually in our college. It was a fight between five engineering faculties in the college. It was participated by everyone and so the events were those that involve alot of people, promoting friendship through playing sports together, i suppose. And guess what, my Civil Engineering faculty was the overall champions…;)


The most demanding event, in term of fighting spirit and strength..1 people on the top of 3 for a group, 15 groups per faculty, faculty versus faculty..Grab the coloured cap of the opponent..


The longest tarik tali i’ve ever seen…faculty versus faculty..more than 200 people each faculty..


The winning cheer after we were announced as overall champion with a large point margin..cheers! …:)

this post is supposed to be a cheerful and colorful one, but perhaps the boring day absorbed my ideas ….lol…good reason ? ;p